Thursday, July 13

wire stuff

I really like working with wire I just stopped when the Big Crochet Bang happened.

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Here's some wire pins I made with either 18 or 20 gauge copper wire.
wire pins

I'd like to apply the same random twist design to a wire mobile like this one. I got the idea for this mobile from a guy at the farmers market. This was my first attempt. Attempt two was done with 20 g. red craft wire and it's a little less wobbly in it's curves. It's hanging at my mothers house with a plastic bouncy ball with a slice of pizza inside. The market guy used these beautiful colored glass balls of varying shapes in his coils. Anyway, I'd like to make my own spin using a random twisted design with a ball encased in the middle. One day.
wire mobile with yarn ball

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ladylinoleum said...

Julie, I think you've just inspired me to bust out some wire!