Saturday, September 2


My sushi will be the headlining feature of the following Uncommon Threads episode. Well, okay, maybe not the headlining feature. More of a decorative afterthought. But, that's O!K!

It's My Party - Episode DUCT-132
October 06, 2006

10:30 AM Eastern/7:30 AM Pacific

The online group Crochet Me is filling the dinner table with great crocheted designs for your next evening of entertaining. Cecily begins with a spiral garland (it makes a great table topper); then Donna crochets a bottle cozy that would be a wonderful gift for the host; finally Kim makes flower pins that start the evening as your centerpiece and go home with the guests as gifts at the end of the night. Those aren't all the ideas these ladies have: there are also crocheted-wire wine-glass charms, a little box for chocolates and even crocheted sushi!

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Kim Werker said...

Ack. No way. I'll even be in the US for it...