Tuesday, January 2

Wind and Crochet

My neighbor across the streetYes, I am still here. December 2006 was c.r.a.z.y. I helped edit the Spring issue of Interweave Crochet, which has some very cute patterns from people I actually know personally. So, I'm very proud. Then, we had Windstorm 2006, fondly known as The Mother (insert expletive here) Storm. The storm wiped out many trees and damaged several houses in my neighborhood and we were out of power for 7 long days and cold nights. Outdoor sleeping bags, a Nalgene coffee press, and the fireplace were key factors in our survival. Our power was restored just days before Christmas so manic panic ensued that weekend. But, overall, we are fine, our house is fine, and our children received everything their little hearts desired on Christmas Day.

More big news. The two episodes left to air on Uncommon Threads, that feature me and some of my Crochet me friends, are due to air this month.

The Clothing episode airs on January 2nd (why, yes that is today...in a half hour), at 10:30 Pacific. This is the one where I look like an Amazon because the other two girls I was with are of the shorter persuasion. If you tune into this episode keep in mind that the camera adds ten pounds. Yeah, that's it. If you think I look great, I would like to thank Jazzercise for my figure.

The Flowers episode airs on January 16th, at 10:30 Pacific. If you click
the link, the red flowering bag on the page was made by moi.

Thanks to SkaDaddy-o, I will be recording these episodes on my newly gifted DVR, so if you come over to my house you may be subjected to watching Me T.V.

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