Wednesday, February 7

Jimbo's Back

Jimbo of Jimbo's Front Porch has started offering his handmade hooks again. The only way to procure one is by email auction.

maple egg

His story:
"My dream in life since 1953 when my dad died was to own our property again on Deadman Creek (we say "crick") and in Oct. of 2000 we were able to buy 30 acres of the place back. Now i'm doing what i can to build a cabin to replace our house which is no longer there. One thing i'm doing to raise funds for the building project is hand carving wood crochet hooks from branch wood i collect from the ranch. Proceeds from sales go directly into the building fund such as it is."
Sniff, how sweet.

The current auction is for a M-13 (9 mm) hook with and egg shaped handle.

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