Thursday, February 1

Rock the hooks!

Art of Crochet has just added a new pattern pack, the Mix-N-Match Beanie Pattern Pack. This set of patterns allows the user to create the perfect hat in their own customized size and style. Choose from 3 brims, 3 lengths, 4 color combinations, and 4 sizes to create your own perfect hat.

Each pattern comes with an interactive PDF complete with video stitch guides to walk you through each stitch in the pattern, making it perfect for all levels of crochet experience.

Also included in each pattern is a pattern generator that allows you to customize the pattern to the size and style you want.

I'm making the Berliner for my big ol' noggin. Just got to choose the colors......


Sally said...

Thanks for leading me to the Art of Crochet website. I love it! And I love your stuff too - I just made the Baby It's Cold Outside, and intend to make the Pike Place Market Bag too. Keep on hookin! (I mean that in the nicest way possible.) ;o)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful hat!

I am a linguist who came to ask you a question for my research on the word 'through'. Could you please tell me what 'through stitching' is?

I would buy a hat like that if I could ever find one!

(feel free to email me, if you'd prefer, at
carey at