Sunday, March 18

Telling the world what I've thought since 1973

Notice there is no mention of the fact that a 4-year old is trying to enter a "bar". HA!newsclip
Mrs Larry Armstrong, wife of the photographer is a stubborn German-American who knows her rights. So the Armstrongs and their 4-year old daughter Julie, dropping by the Rheinlander restaurant in La Jolla on Saturday, stood their ground when the bartender refused them entrance because Julie wasn't wearing shoes. "It's a state law," the bartender insisted. "Do the shoes have to fit?" Mrs Armstrong asked, "I don't think so," he said. So the Armstrong family retreated to their car. When they reappeared, Julie was shuffling along in her father's 10-D hiking boots. The bartender was glassy-eyed and silent. Julie was not. "This whole thing is dumb," she said.


Shannon said...

I love your mom!

kristi said...

How funny, I live in La Jolla. There is no longer a Rhinelander, but I frequently have the "Do I have to wear shoes?" debate with my kids. My take is that shoes are only mandatory in restaurants with cloth napkins (or heavy machinery). And I don't know if the "No shoes, no shirt, no service" thing is a law anymore. I mean, realistically hands are way germier than feet. It's just an aesthetic thing.

Oh, and you can take your kids into any bar that serves food here in CA. Because then it's a restaurant. The kind of restaurant that serves beer and is noisy -- perfect for parents really.