Sunday, March 16

Stalking Doris

I seriously adore Doris Chan. It's everything, not only the project but the way the pattern is written. I want to think like Doris. What's worse, her patterns (and stitch patterns) always seem to pop up when I'm trying to come up with something similar. I struggle with the concept and poof there she is and it's written beautifully. I imagine that these ideas come easily for her and she just whips it out while I struggle to conceive and erase and sketch and erase and swatch and rip and....sigh.
I get samples of the patterns I edit for Interweave Crochet and I edited China Doll for the spring issue.

I remember opening the package and thinking "oh! it's pretty and it feels pretty and the pattern is pretty and I want to wear it". Well, maybe in black and if I had a flatter tummy anyway.
Just now I opened the Chan package for the Summer issue. And it happend again. The stitch pattern is similar to one I was thinking of for a cardigan for Ally. The project feels nice and it's a simple pattern beautifully exectuted to look complicated and I want to wear it.
I envy Doris.
If I lived closer I would probably stalk her.
Hmmm, I have her address on this garment.....

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Neefer said...

Wow. China Doll is very cool. I love cheongsams.