Monday, April 14

Afghan hooks and felted veggies

IMG_0199, originally uploaded by skamama.

Ooh, I just went thrift shopping and found this lovely selection of Tunisian hooks. Only 25c a piece. Also bought some pink needles for my daughter. Because it's all about the color, y'know.
Animal Mascots
I asked for felting needles for my birthday and picked up this cute book on felted animals from my local Kunokuniya store. My first project was a felted carrot and tomato.


Brianna said...

Ooh, tunisian hooks! I love when the thrift stores offer something I can actually use.

Too bad the town I live in now doesn't have much more than a small goodwill. :(

Lucky you, though!

Julie said...

This is a Value Village, kind of like a Goodwill but my local branch really has some good stuff. I have no idea why I find soooooo many needles and hooks here but I'm not complaining. The VV near my mom has a ton of embroidery supplies like canvas and hoops. Must just be all about the location.

sue said...

Oh, lucky duck! Tunisian Crochet was the first stitch I learned so it's kind of special for me. What a great find!

Chloe said...

I've only ever been able to find knitting needles here. In any case, tunisian hooks are excellent for cro-tatting!!