Sunday, April 13

A Seismic Podcast

Have you ever wondered what the Skamama from WA sounds like? Well, today is the day. This week, I was invited to be a featured guest on Episode Seven of the Bone Bat Podcast. Bone Bat is a joint project from the creators of and, otherwise known as my husband Steve and his lifelong best friend Gordon.
Not only do you get to hear the original mama of Ska, junvenile humor, and death metal reviews but you will also get access to a special crochet pattern. At long last, I've released the pattern for Seismic, a rockin' and rollin' crochet skullie.
Check it out on episode 7 of the Bone Bat Podcast.
Please be warned that the Bone Bat podcast contains adult language and crude humor.


Julie said...

I love that hat! Deffinately adding this to my to-do list! :D

Laura said...

Oh my gosh, that's a gorgeous hat - I just love it!