Friday, April 18

MarianneS Wearable Crocheted Art

I'm sure many of you have read about her before but I just stumbled upon MarianneS on Flickr again and she's gone from experimenting with freeform and felted crochet to experimenting with crochet combined with polymer clay and glue and paint in the form of jewelry. Simply amazing and purely inspirational.
MarianneS Wearable Crocheted Art
Here is a Flickr Mosaic of some of her work. The center photo, both of the top corner photos and the cuff on the bottom row include some combination of crochet, PVA glue and paint. I love the polymer clay pendant on the right that has been imprinted with what I believe is a crocheted doily. You can find MarianneS in Estonia but if you don't live anywhere near there you can also find her on Etsy at Crochet & Felt by MarianneS or her blog at Heegeldab. There's tons more of her inspirational work found on her Flickr.


Marianne S said...

Julie, thank you so much for featuring my work! I really appreciate it :)

Julie said...

Thank you for creating such beautiful crochet work. It inspires me to be more creative and to breach the borders that tend to keep me from experimenting with process, construction, and asymmetry.