Friday, April 18

Moschino Knit or Crochet?

Okay, so first Robyn pointed out a brand new online crochet mag called CHIQ Mag. While I do not love the cover photo on the website it's mostly because I just can't see SkaDaddy wearing a crocheted shrug. SB Lyke, CHIQ Mag's editor, commented elsewhere "I don´t think the that the designer (Jengibre, who is working on this project) thought that this was a look that most guys would probably be rocking. Its a bit more avant garde and conceptual". Judging by the style of the CHIQ's front page, I think that is exactly what they are looking for, avant garde and conceptual. Not a far reach from some of the more conceptual fashions one might see on the runway. So, I google "Jengibre" and I find his blog Jengibre. First of all, what is in the Chicago water that produces so much contemporary and urban crochet wear? There's also Josi Hannon Madera, Di-O and Doublestitch. By the way, the Simmon's Sisters have a new book due out next month called Double Stitch and I can't wait to see it. I'm anticipating contemporary styling with an awesome photographic layout. Second, I love this Stella McCartney clutch found in Jengibre's blog and I'm going to guess that it's made of soutache or another similar trim.

Back to CHIQ Mag. They're looking for edgy designs to fill a quarterly mag. According to the submissions page all a designer has to do is write the pattern and send it to the editor. They will take care of the crocheting and photography. The designer retains copyright and may receive an honorarium.

The magazine also has a blog with catwalk crochet updates. Now to the QOTD. Knit or Crochet? CHIQ posted about this Moschino Spring 2008 Skirt Suit and mentioned that it was crochet. Click here for a little closer view. At first glance it could be alternating rows of tall and short stitches, but look closer and one might think it's actually knitted in garter stitch with rows of dropped stitches. If you think you know the answer or you have sources at Moschino that can confirm that it is in fact crocheted please comment here or on the CHIQ Mag post. I'm sure they won't mind getting a little discussion going. Follow up to the Knit V. Crochet discussion on the CHIQ blog.

CHIQ is also on Flickr and on Ravelry as CHIQ.

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