Monday, May 5

Gifts for Mothers Day #3

Shill Shell Shawl - 1, originally uploaded by Josi Hannon Madera.

#3 - Crocheted Shawl and Pin

If your mom is like mine, she's always loved anything you made for her - from the crayon illustrated cards to the cutting boards in high school wood shop. Why break the tradition with something mass produced? Instead, make her something truly elegant. The Shill Shell Shawl crochet pattern found on Art of Crochet is gorgeous and deceptively simple. You can choose whether to make it long and skinny or wide and the instructions according to your choice can be printed out using a customizable online pattern generator.

Pair up your handmade creation with a handcrafted pin and your gift is complete. Make your own crocheted shawl pin using this tutorial from Knotty Generation or buy one like those pictured above.
Sewphisticate hand-forged Copper Heart Shawl Pin
Moving Mud Glass Shawl Pin available through Dreamweaver Yarns
Chimera Hand-stitched Felt Pins

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Bean said...

Oh wow, those glass pins are gorgeous!! Now I need to make myself a shawl, hah!