Friday, May 2

Gifts for Mothers Day #2

#2 - Crocheted Jewelry

Etsy seller Emily, the owner of Prescious Meshes, has created a unique line of wire crocheted jewelry that is breathtaking. She stitches each piece using a variety of metals including fine silver, sterling silver, or 14k goldfill. Most of the pieces are made to order and can take up to a week to ship but there may be some items available that are ready to ship. Some of my favorite pieces are shown above, a crocheted ring made of pure silver wire, hoop earrings crocheted with gold wire and faceted garnets, and a precious birds nest pendant made with scraps of fine crocheted wire and pearls. The nests can be customized so that the number of eggs represents the kids in the intended mothers life and added to either a necklace chain or earring wire. Even if the mother in your life doesn't crochet she will love one of these beautifully hand crafted pieces as a gift.

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