Thursday, May 1

Gifts for Mothers Day

Crochet related gifts for Mom on Mother's Day.

#1 - Pack of Crochet themed notecards

I remember feeling like crochet was a little left out when searching for crochet themed cards to send my business contacts around the holidays last December. So, I decided to make my own. I thought about making a simple crocheted ornament, photographing it and then turning the photo into a card. The ambitious me thought it would be fun to send the pattern and materials needed to make it along with the card for an all around purposeful gift. Ha! The ambitious me underestimated the time it would take to do all of that. So, instead I made some simple beaded stitch markers and sent them along with a handwritten note.

If you feel like the ambitious me here's an idea for creating your own gift set of notecards for the mom who still likes to take pen to paper and write notes.

Make a set of notecards using your own photos and upload them to At Moo, you can order a set of 16 notecards for $24.95 using photos uploaded from your computer or a photosharing website like Flickr. I used Moo for my business cards and loved the quick service.

If you're feeling less ambitious, or don't want to use your own photos, consider these cards from Etsy artist Maryse of Bag N Trash. Maryse combined her love of needlework with her love of photography and created beautiful cards with colorful photos of crocheted doilies, ripples, and squares. The photo above shows cards made from photographs of knits, fiber, and crocheted pieces. You can buy one to express your own mothers day sentiments or make a set of 4 or more and bind them together with colorful raffia to make a pretty gift.

Tune in tomorrow for another idea that will feed your Mom's crafty spirit.

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