Tuesday, June 24

Fair Along '08

Whew, I'm back and I am definitely warmer. Kalispell, MT was beautiful this weekend. The temps were in the 80's, the fish were biting, and the grass and flowers were blooming. Well, that last part wasn't so good for SkaDaddy-o's allergies, but he suffered through it like a trooper. When we got back we were pleased to find the Seattle area a little warmer than when we left it.

As soon as I was unpacked I got caught up on my blog reading and found that Larissa Brown, author of Knitalong, is organizing Fair Along '08. Fair Along encourages knitters, sewists, crocheters, jam-makers, bakers, table setters, animal raisers, and more "to celebrate their work and show it off". I'm thinking of maybe, possibly, sort of, I don't know, probably, and potentially entering the Puyallup (pew-AL-up) Fair in September. Whaddya think? I am almost finished with a crocheted rag rug and am thinking of a crocheted baby sweater which could be a good candidate. You can read about other people and what they are or have entered on the Fair Along site.

I think my knit and crochet prolific friend Ellen should enter one of her creations into the L.A. County Fair for Textiles. Hell, I think the whole WeHo SnB group should enter the fair. Side note: You must click L.A. Co. Fair to see an ad spot that represents what I was like growing up in L.A. It's sad, but funny. I did end up marrying a guy from the sticks, er, I mean from a small town, so I'm a little more well-rounded, but not by much.

If you're thinking of entering I want to know the details, what fair, when, and what type of item. Then, go join Fair Along '08.

To find your state fair, go here or simply Google your state name and "State Fair". That's what I did and I found a bunch in Washington.

The links section:
Fair Along '08
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Evergreen State Fair Open Class directory
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Puyallup Fair Exhibit Entries - most are in Home Arts and some in Hobby Hall

Ravelry Groups with Fair Along discussions
Pacific Northwest Ravelers
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Ellen Bloom said...

Hi Julie,
There's a whole thread on entering items at the L.A. County Fair at the L.A. Loves Ravelry group. It is quite a pain in the neck for those of us that work a 10-6 regular job to enter. Also, I haven't been happy with the judging for the past 5 years. Everyone who makes something straight outta the Annie's Attic catalog always wins! What's that about? Originality? I think not.

I vote for new Professional Judges at the Fair....someone like YOU!!!

Bitter Ellen in L.A.

Anonymous said...

Are there any pictures of the women fishing?

Bonehand said...
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Bonehand said...

Hahaha, Yeah right.

The women chose to sleep in that day, so they did their fishing at the pancake house and yarn store that day...


Sam said...

It's all your fault! I am now plotting, planning and generally obsessing about entering the fair.

Julie said...

Sam - I can't wait to hear more about your plans!

SkaD is correct we slept in and went thrift and yarn shopping, but Ally did help to catch the biggest fish the day before.

Ellen, I read the thread about the L.A. Co. Fair. That would be disheartening to spend time making something then feel like the judging was lacking. Maybe a different fair?