Wednesday, June 25

Soap Entrepreneur

Dear Kalispell Farmers Market Soap vendor,

I wanted to tell you how happy my daughter was after she bought some of your handmade soap last weekend. We were visiting Kalispell, MT from Seattle, WA and came to the Farmers Market with her grandmother. My daughter is 8 years old and has been interested in soap making for the past 6 months. This weekend she was thrilled to find your soap booth and bought an Otter soap and a Spanish Tea lotion bar. When we came home we immediately invested in some basic supplies, clear soap base, dye, mold and scent and she set to making melt and pour soap. She made some heart shaped soaps and other soaps using containers we found around the house then she wrapped them in wax paper and other pretty papers and printed her own labels on sticker paper. This morning she set out to sell her soaps door to door. At first we had decided to sell them for $1/ounce to make some money to buy more soap supplies (and cat toys), but she worried that she wouldn't be able to sell them for "so much", so she sold them for $1/soap. She ended up selling all of her stock in only 3 houses. While she didn't make a profit she did make enough to buy more supplies and I think she gained a little more confidence.

Thanks for setting the wheels in motion! She's already talking about a booth at the farmers market someday.


Anonymous said...

The soaps look totally great, fabulous job!!!

cosymakes said...

great story. isn't montana in summer divine?

like crafty mama, like crafty daughter perhaps?

Anonymous said...

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