Monday, June 2

Getting Loopy!

First T.V., then the newspaper, next Radio!

Getting Loopy! with Mary Beth Temple is a fantastic internet radio show that features a guest host from the crochet world along with engaging discussions on all things crochet. I've learned so much from this show. One of my favorites featured Amy Houk (4/22) where she discussed how fibers are processed and why it's good to look for local or organic fibers in favor of those that are chemically treated with a harmful impact on the earth.

Tune in tonight where me, myself, and I will be a guest host on Getting Loopy! with Mary Beth Temple. If you sign up for Blog Radio you can join everyone in the chat room where you are free to ask questions that will be answered live on the air. You can also call in and talk to us directly.

The show begins at 9 pm Eastern/6 pm Pacific.

See you, er, hear you then!

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