Tuesday, July 29

Lazy Perry Ranch

I had no idea that Lime & Violet included crochet content on their blog. So, when L&V's crochet mistress, Dawn, emailed to let me know she would be linking to the crochet vases pattern from my book, Uncommon Crochet, I decided to go poke around the L&V blog to see what's what. Which is where I found the Dragon Shawl pattern (photo above). I don't think I have ever felt the need to make a shawl before, but I love the details in this pattern. The unique lace stitch pattern, the dragon spikes on the edge, and of course the dragon tail at the bottom. Love it! The shop offers custom hand dyed yarn that will produce a beautiful self-striping effect, specifically for this pattern, that even works in crochet (gasp)! Even though, I have a gajillion WIP's, I may be looking for the perfect color for my first shawl ever. Check out the Sizzling Hot colorway.
The shop also sells the cutest stitch markers that can be used for crochet or knit projects. I can't decide between the glass chickens or the carrots.
Read more about Epicurus and her growing ranch on her blog Lazy Perry Ranch.
ETA: sorry for the multitude of bad links, I think I fixed them all. Thanks, Meg!


Megan said...

Your URL for the blog is incorrect - it looks like it should be http://lazyperryranchblog.blogspot.com but you've got http://lazyperryranch.blogpot.com which comes up with a weird Bible-spam site. :)

Julie said...

I'm not big on shawls either but wow, that one is really unique and very cool!

Dawn said...

Isn't she just great? Did you check out her crocheted sock patterns? Again with the incredible detail work. I can't wait to see what her pattern writing is like...

...and thanks for the props you!