Monday, September 8

Boys really do knit

We spent our cold and rainy Labor Day weekend camping at Mt Baker with another family. They have two boys ages 9 and 6. The oldest boy loves to learn how to do almost anything so I brought extra needles and yarn in case he wanted to learn to knit. As soon as we got there, he was asking to learn so I whipped out the needles and started him on the knit stitch. He picked it up pretty quickly given how much time we had to work on it. Since, I was busy whipping out Webkinz sweaters for each kid he also wanted to make something tangible for his Webkinz. So I showed him 4-finger knitting and told him he could make a scarf for his stuffed pet or even for himself pretty quickly. And he did. He took the needles, yarn, and a book on how to knit home with him. As soon as we walked in our door, he was calling for a reminder on how to bind off his finger knitting.

School started last week and you might think he cast his needles aside for soccer and homework. Nope. When his coach picked him up for a team field trip, the boy told him to hold on a second while he went to get his knitting for the car ride. My friend, his mom, said the coach looked a bit flabbergasted.

My husband was present this past weekend when the boy dropped his Nintendo DS on the floor and said "oh well, guess there's more time for knitting".

I must say, this kid has his priorities in the right place.

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