Monday, September 8

Martha Stewart Living Radio!!!!

Holy cow, I cannot forget to tell you the biggest, bestest news ever...

I will be interviewed on Martha Stewart Living Radio, tomorrow morning!

I am on the Whole Living segment (click the link, my name is there, whoohoo!) with Emily Hoffman at 10:30 Eastern/7:30 Pacific. Tomorrow, 9/9/08.

Isn't that just so awesome?

List of Things to Do Before I Die?
Write a Book...check
Be on a Martha Stewart show...Check.

eta: The show airs on Sirius channel 112


Bean said...

BIG TIME, baby!! Way to go!!

Kim said...

Wahoo! Knock 'em dead!

Josi said...


Shannon said...

YAY! Congrats! (Please tell me you have a way to record it -- I'm going to be on next month and I am dying to have it for posterity)

Sam said...

So Cool! Way to go you!!