Monday, September 15

We have a Winner!

Congratulations to Veronica! The winner of the Croshay Original Pattern giveaway. Veronica has won one PDF pattern of her choice from the array of stylish crochet patterns available at Croshay Design. As far as I know Veronica does not have a blog, but you can find her as hookingloops on Ravelry.


Veronica said...


Thanks so much SkaMama :-)

I'm certain it's all because I met The Fearless Leader of the Crochet Liberation Front at the Portland Crochet and Knit Show on Saturday.

Susan K. in California said...

congratulations Veronica! Are you hookingloop on ravelry? Well, you'll have to enter the croshay design pattern (of your choice) on your projects page and update us as you work on it! I'd love to hear about it. Maybe you'll inspire us to buy some designs from croshay.