Friday, September 12

Happy Int'l Crochet Day to You! Giveaway, too!

Ah, the sun is shining (in Seattle no less), the new Metallica is playing in the background (SkaDaddy is working from home) and the crows are squawking. Best of all, it's International Crochet Day!
In honor of all the crochet stitcha's out there, new, old, and not yet born, Happy International Crochet Day people!

One way to celebrate this Dia del Lazo (day of the loop) is to support the independent crochet designer. So, to support my favorite local designer Croshay Design I would like to giveaway one Croshay Design PDF pattern of your choice. Laura Killoran designs some of best crocheted hats around. They are well written, easy to follow, but best of all they are stylish with a capital "S". You can make them for anyone because most of Laura's original patterns are designed to fit kids as well as adults and they look great no matter how old you are. Since I am late in posting this, I will leave the contest open through midnight on Sunday, 9/14. To enter, please leave a comment with how you plan to celebrate the art of crochet this weekend. See my previous post for ideas. Be sure to leave an email, Ravelry, or blog address so I can get in touch with you. The winner will be determined by random generator on Monday, 9/15. I will email the winner and we'll work out the details for how you get your pattern.

So raise your hooks, people, and show the world what crochet is all about!
Croshay B Brim Beanies
Rude Girl and Rude Boy sportin' the Croshay Design B Brim Beanie.


wildthing1058 said...

I plan on going to the mall on sat and sitting and crocheting I am also going to hit starbucks to wait for my son's girlfriend to get out of work so while I am waiting I will have my usual mocha latte and do some crocheting I would love to go to the park but it is going to be raining.

Fuji Mama said...

I'm having a couple of friends over who have been dying to learn how to crochet! Hopefully this weekend will be the start to a future of addictive crocheting for them. :-)

Julie said...

Be sure to leave your email, ravelry, or accessible blog address so I can contact you if you are the winner!

Wild thing - I'm not able to access your blog.

Michelle said...

I plan to harvest the 12" squares I made for an unsuccesful blanket, and find a charity project to reform them into.

Trisha said...

I plan on celebrating the 'holiday' by crocheting at work. Unfortunately since it is not a national holiday yet, I still have to work. booooo! lol

KJo said...

I'm gonna celebrate by crocheting in public and finish (or rather, try to) the Amigurumi bunny I started a long while ago. Also try and get my dad to learn to crochet Amigurumi style, he likes to chain so I guess he could make shoelaces, bracelets and the like.
Thanks for having a giveaway!

(on Ravelry)

Sara said...

I will be crocheting in public on Saturday, working on my La Mer scarf while at the USC/Ohio State football game.

TurquoizBlue said...

I wore my Blusa Queen jacket to work today. Everytime someone commented on it, I made sure to say "It's International Crochet Day." Of course, everyone wants to know if there is really such a thing and did I truly make my jacket.

I think next year we should all try to get written up in our local papers or get on our local news.

Viva la crochet!

Ellen Bloom said...

Today, I've been secretly crocheting under my desk while at work! I'm a rebel crocheter.

This weekend we're driving to Joshua Tree National Park. I'll be crocheting all the way, while my hubs drives! Woo Hoo!

wildthing1058 said...

I only started one today its

Lauria @ Brackenbury Lane said...

Today I crocheted during my work break. (Although, that might nto be anything new - I represent crochet everyday and make my co-workers things in order to share the love!)

I wore my crocheted hand warmers all day, which I love!

I also sent an email to Fearless Leader asking for some promo material to hand out the LYS around here for the First Ever Crochet Liberation Front Book! Awesome!

I have this weekend off, which is a rarity and I think I'm going to pull out my shawl to work on since it's sitting sadly as a WIP. It needs a little help because my row counts are off. So hopefully I'll be able to give it the attention that it deserves and then it should be easy sailing to the finish line!

And of course, I'm planning on making a post in my blog tonight about international crochet day with a photo of my work during break.

Anonymous said...

I, too, wore a sweater I crocheted & told everyone who commented on it. I crocheted in public (mittens for my son), and replied to inquiries about what I was knitting with a deep breath, a smile, and a friendly explanation of crochet . . . and my celebration continues at the Crochet and Knit Show in Portland tomorrow!

(I am hookingloops on Ravelry)

dulcet_ambrosia said...

I'm going to spend the weekend making scarves...for a couple of co-workers and for the special olympics. Hopefully I can get a few of them done!

Susan K. in California said...

What a wonderful way to honor "International Crochet Day"! I celebrated the day by designing my first crochet pattern (simple and badly written though it may be!) and posting it on ravelry:

I also plan to promote crochet all weekend, inviting anyone I hang out with to learn to crochet. I'll carry hooks and yarn with me. I can't force someone to learn, but I can certainly tell them how great it is!

Anonymous said...

I crocheted with a group in the local A. C. Moore tonight, and I plan on trying to finish the monkey I'm working on for my friends new baby, and hopefully figuring out what I want to do for a scarf for my Switch Witch on!

katerina said...

Tomorrow I am teaching two firends how to crochet! yeah!

Polysyllabic Spree said...

I'm finishing off my Very easy granny square afghan I started with left over yarns.
Tomorrow I'm taking it to the Women's shelter as a donation.

Crochet for warmth, crochet for love, crochet for charity.... it's all good!

NannDee said...

Since it rained Noah was building another ark..I did not get crochet outside..but i have finished a yarn bag for myself..i am going to start the Vivian Cap and work on the redskin blanket for my hubby..all while sipping a patron margherita, relaxing and enjoying my birthday!

Jean said...

I've been working on a crocheted chemo hat for charity.

JeaninMaine on Ravelry

Susan K. in California said...

I can't wait to see who won! I forgot to give my email address (I already left a message about how I was celebrating ICD!) To update: I was not able to teach anyone to crochet this weekend but I am going to try to teach someone this week. I'll just keep carrying my hooks and yarn with me, and wear my ICD bracelet!

It's susanlikesrats at yahoo dot com

Melody said...

I'm going to make my fourth ever crochet project. I'm enjoying the learning process. Crochet is fun,fast and easy. Easier to correct than knitting also.


Jany said...

Happy International crochet day!!!!
I'm doing an amigurumi for my little nephew,
I love your market bag

Many thanks Julie

Jany (