Wednesday, October 22

Economic Crisis solution

I know, I know, bad blogger. Seriously, life has been one big bowl of crazy since school started. Especially with two kids in school now. I gave up trying to find a Girl Scout troop for my daughter and became a leader myself, which has proven to be wayyyyyyy more difficult than I thought. But I persist. I'm also in edit mode for now is the time for all good books and magazines to be edited before going to press. I just finished some work on the Winter issue of Interweave Crochet and Knitscene.

Also, the impending election takes up quite a bit of my computer time. Out of all of the campaign madness, I think I've finally found a solution to the economic crisis...and it comes from Natalie Portman, of all people.
See more Natalie Portman videos at Funny or Die

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Laura said...

That sweater is so awesome - a real work of art! It makes me wish I could knit!

I tried to find a Girl Scouts troop for my daughter when she was in kindergarten. A lady from my local Girl Scouts council told me there aren't enough troops to meet the demand, mainly because many women don't have the time anymore to volunteer as leaders.

Finally when my daughter was in
1st grade, one of the moms at her school, who had been a long time troop leader, started a Daisy troop, which worked out great for us. My daughter's in 5th grade now, still in the troop, and they've moved up over the years from Daisies to Brownies to Juniors. The two leaders are both teachers, work full-time and have young kids, so I'm amazed that they have the energy to keep up with leading a troop as well. It's definitely a lot of work.