Friday, December 5

Cable Knit Mug

I scored a few of these at Starbucks last week. Don't tell Ska Daddy, though, he's boycotted SB since Schultz gave the Sonics to Oklahoma. Hmmm, wonder if they have any more.

Great photo by Knitorious on Flickr


Ellen Bloom said...

Oh Julie! When I saw these mugs on someone else's blog (in Colorado), I immediately scoured all of the Starbucks near us. I was on a hunt; I talked about it on my blog. One of my readers found some in La Crescenta! I made Larry U. drive with me up there on a Friday night to get some. I bought 7. That SAME night, another one of my g.f.'s bought me 4 at the Larchmont Starbucks....waaaay closer to my house. Last week, I saw them at my local, local SB..Fairfax and Olympic! Oy! I even had a friend from Denver send me one! Now, they're everywhere. Guess what all of my knitster friends are receiving for holiday gifts this year?

Pamela said...

Okay...I'm going to SB this morning to see if they have any. Those are great!

HandMade said...

I have searched all over for this mug!! I'm checking Ebay everyday but still no mug! You don't want to sell yours? ;)