Sunday, December 7

Rag Wreaths

Ally's wreath, originally uploaded by skamama.

I read a post from laughing purple goldfish's blog this morning about her rag wreath. Thought it would be a fun kid project so we set out to make a wreath. The first was the blue/purple one. I ripped, Ally tied, then she trimmed it and added embeliishments. It probably took a little over an hour from picking rags to adding the little bird at the end.
my mini
While she finished up the other one with the hot glue gun, I made a mini wreath to satisfy my inner goth.


laughing purple goldfish said...

hey julie...

glad you enjoyed the rag wreath project... I love the little bird which your daughter has added to her wreath, what a perfect embellishment!

making one to satisfy your inner goth - PERFECT - sometimes we just HAVE to do these things, don't we!

Sam said...

Love both the wreaths, and the embellishments on your daughter's one are great.
If they're that quick to make, I really have no excuse... :-)