Saturday, December 20

Will it make it?

The American Girl doll I ordered for my daughter, the only thing she asked for for Christmas, has been scanned in at the UPS center in Seattle just yesterday. In normal conditions I would have no doubt we would receive it by the predicted delivery date for tomorrow, but considering we still have 6" of snow, we live on top of an ice covered hill, and we are expecting a raging wind and snow storm tonight, I'm not so sure. Oh well, there's still a few more days before Christmas so I'm feeling good about it.

In the meantime, someone left a comment to my previous post that has information on patterns for 18" dolls.

The best thing I found there is a link to 18" Doll Measurements!

Now, I can make up my own! First up, I plan to make a mini version of the Half Pipe to match my daughters.

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