Saturday, January 31

Croshay Design Annual Pattern Sale - Going on Now!

Did you know that you can crochet a hat in the same amount of time that it takes a football team to win the Superbowl? Hell, maybe even two hats if you're a quick stitcher.

It's time for Croshay Design's Annual Pattern Sale. Whether you're celebrating the big win or soothing your sorrows because your team lost, your newly crocheted hat will make you happy.

For a limited time*, Croshay Design is offering every crochet pattern in their collection, instructions to make 15 hats + a scarf, for only $29.99. The first ten people to take them up on this offer will also get Art of Crochet's Raspberry Fizz Cardigan & Mod Squad Skirt patterns FOR FREE!

*offer valid through February 14, 2009.

coupon code "iwantitall"

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