Sunday, February 8

Hari-Kuyo and Zombies

From Knitgrrl, today is Hari-Kuyo, a day to celebrate broken sewing needles and pins. The broken pins are honored by being placed in soft tofu. Knitgrrl suggests we celebrate our broken knitting needles and crochet hooks as well...over sushi and inari (little tofu pockets).

I bought a few of my favorite knitting needles at the local thrift store. They were bright sky blue and plastic. They also break verrrrry easily. I keep the broken pieces hoping one day I'll make something with them like these jewelry pieces.

So, Happy Hari-Kuyo little needles, I thank you for your work.

On another note, if you're into zombie flicks check out the 2008 Mail Order Zombie Dead Letter Awards. Amongst other categories, you can vote for your favorite zombie book, movie, comic, as well as your favorite death scene, and one liner. My favorite one liner is from a whiny girl in Dance of the Dead, “But I don’t know how to fire a machete.”

Ballots are due 2/12. The awards will be announced on the Mail Order Zombie Podcast on 2/26, during which I, SkaMama, will be one of the special presenters along with my husband of! There will also be prizes and musical guests. Have yourself a little zombie movie party to check out some of the contenders and vote!

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