Thursday, April 30

Camp Crafts!

My daughter had to have a tiny bit of surgery this week (she's well and recovering at home now). So, instead of chewing my nails in fret, I kept the hands busy making samples for our Girl Scout Camp trip next week. When someone said "camp" and "craft" of course I thought of plastic lace. And if you give a girl some plastic lace she's going to want to make a lanyard. So, the girls will be making lanyards with a little compass, flashlight, whistle, and magnifying glass to enhance their outdoor experience. We adapted the materials so that Daisy's could make a necklace instead. Below is a simple square weave and a twisted square weave.

My troop is also making SWAPs, which are little pins to swap with other troops at camp.
Hopefully, you can guess what these are.

Have you been in touch with your inner camp craftigirl lately?
Ally is getting her craft on in her recovery, as well, with this little foamie campfire diorama.


Kim Werker said...

Oh, man, plastic lanyards! So many summers spent making those. Now I want to make some. And stat!

Glad to hear Ally's recovering well. Send her happy wishes!

Melody said...

I LOVE the s'mores and roasting marshmallow pins! Adorable! I'm so glad to hear that your daughter's surgery went well and that she's recovering quickly :-)

Kathy said...

I was hoping you'd post so we'd know how it went yesterday. I'm glad to hear that both of you did well and are keeping as crafty as ever!
Wow, those are great lanyards---they've got the Swiss Army functionality, only way cuter.
And "Hello S'mores!"--- if anything can get the 'inner camp' going, it'd be those. ;)

fairiedust2478 said...

I love the smore's pin! do you think you can give a bit more detail on how they are made? My husband and I will be meeting up with my brother and sil plus a few other families for memorial day weekend camping. I'm trying to think of some crafts to do with between 6 and 20 children and these pins sound great. I could get all the pieces together in advance and the kid could assemble them at the campground.

Any hints or tips you could toss my way would be amazing. I'd even be willing to donate a few dollars to your blog for some instructions.



Julie said...

I'm so sorry Kelly. I thought I answered this and now I am too late.

The S'mores were just two pieces of beige felt cut to about 1.5" square for the cracker, then one piece of thick white craft foam and one piece of brown regular craft foam, cut to about the same or smaller.

Assemble like a s'more using a hot glue gun to keep the pieces together then add a pin backing to the back. Any glue will do but the hot glue works fast.

The marshmallows on a stick was just a piece of branch from my back yard, about 1.5" in length with two white pony beads on the end. Again, hot glue to keep it all together.

Supa' easy. Hope you all had a good camp!