Monday, June 1

Dear Blogger Baby Doll

Oh yeah! I have a blog. Sigh. Dear Blogger, sorry for the neglect but you see Facebook and Twitter lured me away with their smooth talkin' one liners.

I do have lots to share though. Did anyone see the Baby Doll dress in Inside Crochet?
I'm proud to say that it was my first garment design and I think it came out pretty good. Many tops hit me right at the top of the waistband of my pants. Hate that! So, I designed this top so it would be easy to adjust the length. It actually fits the model a little longer than it does on me, but still looks cute!

Speaking of Inside Crochet, you may have heard by now that the company who offered the magazine digitally on demand suddenly closed its doors without warning. The publisher is working hard to resource a digital supplier and is hoping to have the details ironed out within the next month. So, will let you know what happens with that. I'm sorely disappointed as I thought the digital mag was fabulous.

For those of you in the States, some Barnes and Noble stores offer the magazine for about $9.95, but it usually takes a month or so from publication date to be in the stores. So, call first.

Will post more exciting news in a mo'.

Baby Doll on Rav
Inside Crochet


torirot said...

Oh, that's reaaly pretty! I love the Rapunzel, too - so I just had to make an order! Need some summer projects :-)

Melody said...

That is so cute! I really like the adjustable length feature. I think it's time I learn crochet.

Kathy said...

You are so freakin' talented!
That is absolutely gorgeous.