Tuesday, September 15


Why is it that so many do not like figs? I spent the earlier years of my life in San Diego where we had a fig tree in the back yard. In fact, many of our neighbors had fig trees and all of the figs would taste different depending on the tree. I loved them all and still do. I like figs best when they come right off of the tree, but I also like them dried and I love fig newtons.

In an unofficial poll of my immediate family, 2 out of 6 people like figs in their natural state. One of the people who doesn't like them fresh off the tree does like them dried.

What about you?


Brianna said...

I like figs if they are IN something... like a cookie, salad, etc. But I wouldn't just pluck on from a tree and eat it.

Ps. Theres a really good recipe out there for a chocolate-fig cake. It's delicious.

Ellen Bloom said...

I LOVE figs...fresh, dried or any old way!

Megan said...

I love figs, straight from the tree! My grandpa near Palo Alto had a tree in his yard and every so often I'd be visiting when they were ripe. (He had an apricot tree too. Fruit is the only reason I'd like to live down there!)

kristi said...

San Diego. Figs. Yup! We have a tree that a bird planted in our yard maybe 8 years ago. It's really flourished under my benign neglect, is big enough to climb, and produced vigorously for the first time this year. I ate a lot of fresh figs this summer. But I can't say I actually like them, though I know some really swoon for them. Next year, I think I will dry them... I prefer dried figs to fresh.