Monday, September 14

I must start blogging more often, so:

1. Cocoa, the first mini issue of Tension, is coming up fast. We are wrapping things up and Josi is madly coding, stitching, and photo editing all at the same time; she is a power house, people. I will have a recipe, a pattern or two, and an interview. We will also be announcing a fabulous giveaway shortly! Follow us on twitter, Ravelry, or Facebook to keep up to date.

2. I have to make exercise a habit again. That experiment I did, where I didn't exercise and ate anything I wanted to eat, just didn't work out so great for my waistline. So, I set a 21 day goal of Jazzercise. Supposedly, it takes 21 times to make a habit (no clue where I heard that). The idea is that once I get to 21 Jazzercize (is it a z or an s?) classes my habit will be established. Today was day 11. I thought about a maple bar doughnut while doing crunches.

3. Tomorrow is my son's 7th birthday. This is shocking to me.

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Ellen Gormley said...

Hi Julie!

I've been attending Jazzercise (it's an S) for around 15 years! It's really just the most fun exercising you can have. I always say 30 days makes a habit, but really, I could get in the habit of eating donuts everyday in say like 3 days or so. So, I guess it depends on what it is. Good luck!