Monday, September 14


Has anyone seen Landlust, a garden/craft/food/country life magazine from Germany?

My mom is from Bavaria, where the rest of her family still resides. Her sister, Christl* sent her a few issues of Landlust, which features country life but appears to be marketed to city dwellers. There are articles on gardening and cooking, nature, and crafts. The most recent issue featured articles on how to make felted garden ornaments, chair pads, and vases. Another issue had a section on making unique jewelry using leather cord and another featured an article on wools and tweeds. There are features on raising geese, how to play classic children's games, and how to make a spider web viewing frame. Even though I can't read 93% of the magazine, the photos are fantastic and really inspiring. I came away with a few ideas for new projects.

I wish it was available digitally. I think I'll write them.

* Christl is older but she looks and acts exactly like my mother, which is eerie as they've only seen each other 3 or 4 times in the last 20 years. My mom is jealous of her sister, though, because Christl's hair went totally white really early in life. My mom wants totally white hair.

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