Thursday, July 29

The Truth Behind Derby Tights and Knee-Hi's

Amy says I've been quiet on the blogfront lately. Amy says I should talk about derby. I do what Amy says.

So, what is up with the iconic roller derby tights and knee-hi's? Are they edgy, cool, and sexy? Yes, they are. But, they are also a practical tool in the modern roller girls arsenal.

The first day I went to a derby practice I didn't want to come off looking like a roller derby poseur, so I wore black shorts, a black tee, and some subdued knee-hi's, like so,
First PFM Derby practice - Still alive

Notice that Jackie, the more experienced derby girl next to me, is wearing tights? That's because she knows about "rink rash", or "track rash". Rink rash is the red burn you get, usually on your hip or buttocks, after falling on the track. Rink rash usually looks like this. Now, if you fall and you're just wearing fishnets, you'll end up with a pretty little pattern to your burn, like this. Tights offer a layer of protection that helps minimize the rink rash; you can even wear them under your fishnets. After my first taste of rink rash, I learned to wear tights pretty quick. Next time I'll be sure to share a photo.


Amy O'Neill Houck said...

You are so not a poser! I'm glad you're protecting your bum, but I do loooove the argyle socks. I think there's an opportunity for some crossover here--you could make some sick lacy leggings to go over your tights!

Ellen Gormley said...

Hi Julie!

Educate me... a Derby is two teams, right? Is there a goal of the Derby (like a race, or score points?) How do you determine which team "wins?" Curious.

:) Ellen