Sunday, November 25

Where to find bag Handles, Frames, Straps and Supplies

(l to r: Lacis Leather Flower, La Beana Ring, Joggles Wooden Flower)

Where to find handles, straps, frames, and various bag making supplies.

Lacis: beautiful vintage and retro inspired purse frames and chains along with classic leather straps.
(UMX Rattan)
Umx: while the site is a little strange to navigate, UMX has tons of handles, rings, and straps in all shapes, sizes, and colors. You can also find hardware like purse feet and closures.
Tall Poppy Craft: this site is similar to except they have a few more exclusive handles that I love, like the Bermuda handles, Preppy acrylic sew-on handles, and the finger sized wood handles. (Tall Poppy Preppy)
Muench Yarns: leather sew on straps in a rainbow of colors.
U-Handbag: stocks everything you need to make a bag - handles, frames, hardware, zips, trims, fabric, and interfacing.
La Beana Bags: Totally unique, handcrafted resin handles.
MJ Trim: mostly a trims stockist, MJ Trim does have some leather, rattan, wood, and acrylic handles.
Crystal Palace: lots of acrylic in various shapes and colors; click the link for the PDF of styles
Joggles: colorful leather straps, totally unique wood handles and purse frames.
Homestead Heirlooms: handmade leather straps with a variety of attachment options: buckle, ring, grommet, and snap.
Dreamweaver Yarns: a limited selection of handles including Judi & Co.
Land of Odds: purse frames


Anonymous said...

I was just looking last night for purse handles. A tester can't find any locally to go with the bag she's crocheting for me. And here you are today, posting some goodies for me. I am in love with nearly every single photo posted. No, wait, not nearly--every single one. My favorite being the top right. Yum.

Anonymous said...

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