Thursday, November 29

Gifts: Tools for Crocheters

Gifts of Style:

I just trotted over to Dreamweaver Yarns to see what's new. Dreamweaver is the distributor of my Bella Blue Leopard hook (upper left), which always draws attention from anyone who happens to see it in action. Guess what, they have something new! Check out these super cool snowflake themed hooks called Bella Blue Jack Frost Crochet Hooks (upper right). Oh, I must have (in a size H or J if anyone is asking). My leopard hook arrived with a fluffy black marabou puff on the end. The Jack Frost style comes with a powder blue puff. They also have both of these cute styles in knitting needles.

Gifts of Color:

Skipping over to Etsy I found this Hamanaka Rakuraku Double Ended Crochet Hook Set (upper left). These are sold as a set of 5 colorful double-ended hooks that give you 2 sizes per hook (that's 10 sizes!), so if you need to adjust gauge you don't have to go far for the next size.
There's also the Clover Reflections Set (upper right). A friend of mine uses these squishy sided hooks partly because they are ergonomic, but mostly because nobody else has them so they make her special. Create For Less has them on sale. There are two sets, small and large, with each set containing three different size hooks.

Stocking stuffers:
Magnetic Needle Holder from Stitch Diva. For the crocheter who already has everything.

Removable stitch markers: Cruising around Etsy, I found Hide and Sheep, who makes this bracelet aka fashionable row counter/marker holder. Perfect stuffer for my stocking, except the markers are not removable. I guess I could always add a S-hook or lobster clasp to convert them.
Amyville comes through with handmade martini olive and fortune cookie zipper pulls that can be used as removable stitch markers.


Sally said...

Your blog is such a great resource for crafters, especially us crocheters. I can't wait til your book comes out - I love the red basket and the flowered clutch on the cover!

Julie said...

Thanks, Sally!