Monday, April 2

It really is MY crochet planet

Mwa hahahahahahahaha!

Me and my crochet friends are taking over the planet!

I discovered the new Spring 07 issue of Interweave Crochet at my local craft store (Ben Franklin - Redmond). As usual, I flipped to the masthead so I can see my name (not humble), then I had a squeak moment. Not only did I see my name, I saw several of my friends, Amy O'Neill Houk as another tech editor, Kim Werker as Editor, Cecily Keim, Annette Petavy, Chloe Nightingale, and Robyn Chachula as pattern contributors. Ha! Crochet me is infiltrating the industry. We will prevail! We will Ruuuuuuule the worrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrld!
Well, maybe not rule the world but, hey, it was a proud moment.
Check out the issue, it's a good one.

ETA: I spoke too soon. My buddy Melissa Mall has the essay spot "Ravelings" on the last page! Congratulations, Melissa!.


Annette said...

I think prevailing and ruling the world sounds like a pretty good idea!

Julie said...

So far we are ruling North America and France, not a bad start.

Love that your feature made the cover. Congratulations, Annette!

Melissa said...

Wait. WAIT. You HAVE it? :o I thought it wasn't coming out till the 10th?!?

...Would you do me a favor? Would you flip to the back and let me know if my essay is really really there in the 'Ravelings' section? Not Left Behind, Melissa Mall. Pretty please?

Sheryl said...

It is time for crocheters to rule the world - the fiber world anyway, and I can't think of better folks to lead the charge than y'all. I saw the magazine but forced myself not to buy it because we should be getting them at my shop any day now.'s hard to wait!

Sally said...

Congratulations! I got a postcard saying that I will be receiving a free copy as I am a charter subscription member, but I haven't received it yet. I am on pins and needles. I am familiar with almost all of the names you listed, and I have to say, what a talented bunch of women! I met Robyn at last years Yarn/Fiber/Knitting/Crochet extravaganza in Valley Forge PA, and she is a delight. Well done everyone!

takinanap said...

thanks for the heads up about the magazine. haven't seen the issue in this part of the world, so far. congratulations on your famousness. can't wait til crocheters rule the world.

portland maine