Tuesday, May 27


This week I'm in tech editing mode as I wrap up final reviews of a few projects from some of my favorite designers and magazines.

In the meantime, feel free to vote for your favorite stitch dictionary in the poll on the sidebar.


Neefer said...

My mother has "Reader's Digest COMPLETE GUIDE TO NEEDLEWORK", and I really liked the crochet (and needlepoint) sections.

I have a different one, but I don't like it as much as my mother's book.

pretty crochety said...

i don't have any of those books, but i voted for one of the ones i've been interested in. when i was at Borders a couple years ago, i went with the lazy(?) choice and got the Crochet Answer Bk (it's 'fit in your purse easily' size). i should get one of the others, though:)

Yarn Thing said...

hey Girl!!! I need your email address. I can't find it anywhere ;-)

Also, we need to set up a time for the podcast interview when you are not so busy :-)